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Dresses - Skirts

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Dress Edem 2-6 years New -20%

Dress Edem 2-6 years

Dress by organic cotton. Full of colours .Waisted line with pleats and fushia belt.Compotiton:100% O..

52.60€ 42.08€
Dress Edem 8-16 years New -20%

Dress Edem 8-16 years

Dress by organic cotton. Full of colours with one shoulder open , ruffle around the chest. Waicted l..

60.50€ 48.40€
Dress LETITHIA 2-16 years -20%

Dress LETITHIA 2-16 years

Φόρεμα μεσάτο φουσκωτό  με μαλακό floral τούλι. Μπούστο από το τούλι με τρέσα ροζ και ροζ λουλο..

61.40€ 49.12€
Dress GLAM -40%

Dress GLAM

A glamorous dress for a glamorous girl! It's puffy, it's glossy and it will make her feel like a que..

65.80€ 39.48€
Dress LILLY -40%


Dress with pink bubble print.Composition:100% POLYESTER..

36.30€ 21.78€
Dress ROSETTE -40%


White lace dress with decorative strass on the strap. The belt is detachable so the dress can stand ..

89.90€ 53.94€
Dress SOPHIA -40%


White lace sleeveless dress from the waist down for your chic little girls.Composition:100% COTTON..

79.90€ 47.94€
Dress WISPER 2-6 years New

Dress WISPER 2-6 years

Λευκό Φόρεμα κυπούρ μεσάτο με σούρα. Διαθέτει δαντέλα στο μπούστο η οποία συνεχίζει ως τιραντάκι κ..

Dress WISPER 8-16  years New

Dress WISPER 8-16 years

Φόρεμα λευκό από ύφασμα βουάλ (μαλακό και ελαφρύ) με κυπούρ βολάν και v λαιμό. Διαθέτει ζώνη από το ..

Dress GRACE -40%


A white, versatile piece, with gold embroidery on the sleeves finish and soft pink threads. The lace..

59.20€ 35.52€
Dress KATHERINE -40%


White dress with open back, double sleeve for support and better fit. The lace and the inner lining ..

67.90€ 40.74€
Dress Tango Red -20%

Dress Tango Red

White sleeveless dress, with pleated skirt and blue red details.It has a ribbon in the middle, decor..

65.80€ 52.64€
Skirt Tango WHITE 8-16 years -20%

Skirt Tango WHITE 8-16 years

Airy pleated skirt, in vivid yellow color with blue finish. It has a lining and elastic in the mi..

54.80€ 43.84€
Dress ALICE -40%


Sleeveless A-line dress with removable belt. The combination of the two-color strips and the polka d..

56.90€ 34.14€
Dress NAVYPOLKA -40%


A mix and match with an impressive bow that you will love!Composition:80% COTTON 20% POLYESTER..

50.40€ 30.24€
Dress NAVYROSE -40%


An alternative to the nautical style. With red details and impressive vertical opening in the back!C..

67.00€ 40.20€
Dress SAILOR -40%


 A unique combination of stripes with an impressive red bow. The dress has a tringural back ope..

50.40€ 30.24€
Dress Mimosa 2-6 years New -20%

Dress Mimosa 2-6 years

Φόρεμα μεσάτο από βαμβακερή ποπλίνα , πιέτες στη μέση με 3 διακοσμητικά φιογκάκια και υφασμάτινη ζών..

50.40€ 40.32€
Dress Mimosa 8-16 years New -20%

Dress Mimosa 8-16 years

Φόρεμα από μαλακή ποπλίνα μεσάτο με πιέτες στην μέση και φούξια υφασμάτινη κορδέλα στην μέση.Δια..

56.90€ 45.52€
Dress SPRING -40%


Tulle and daisies will predispose you for spring walks.Composition:20% COTTON 80% POLYESTER..

49.50€ 29.70€