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Brand: Matoufrance
Candle with tulle. The heart is made of burlap with fabric handmade roses.HEIGHT 90cm...
42.00€ 60.00€
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Brand: Matoufrance
Ecru Baptism candle with decorative bow elements with lace flowers and pink tulle...
41.30€ 59.00€
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Brand: Matoufrance
Candle with tulle in off-white color. Decorated with burlap dressed with lace and gauze in the color of rotten apple. The decoration also includes handmade flowers and a mirror.HEIGHT 90cm...
49.00€ 70.00€
Ex Tax:49.00€
Brand: Matoufrance
Candle tied with white lace. The tulle and bow are white tied with pearls and decorated with fabric butterflies.HEIGHT 90cm...
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Brand: Matoufrance
Candle wrapped in white lace, hearts in light pink color fabric, decorated with rhinestones and pearls.HEIGHT 90cm...
59.50€ 85.00€
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